Board of Directors

“To Provide Quality Healthcare for Everyone”

Lauro A. Garcia

Lauro A. Garcia

Board Chair

Elisamar Soto

Board Vice Chair

Dr. Jessica Hernandez

Dr. Jessica Hernandez

Board Secretary

Oscar montiel

Oscar Montiel

Laura Gregory

Laura A. Gregory

Ana Maria Serna

Anna Maria (Annie) Serna

rene izaguirre

Rene E. Yzaguirre, Jr.

Oralia Garcia

Oralia Garcia

Antonio S. (Tony) Arce, Jr.

Memo Trevino

Guillermo (Memo) Treviño

Griselda Vasquez

Griselda P. Vasquez

Dr. Grace Snyder

Dr. Grace Snyder

Diana Prado

Diana E. Prado

Gateway Community Health Center (GCHC) is an independent 501 (c)(3) corporation that operates under a community health model with the legal authority resting on the governing Board. The organization’s bylaws demonstrate compliance with requirements of section 330 of the Public Health Service Act. Included in the organization’s bylaws are provisions for the selection of Board members and filling of vacancies.

The GCHC Board of Directors is composed of members who mirror the demographics of our patient population. As Board positions become vacant, they will be filled with individuals who match the demographics of the service region and patient population and who can contribute constructively to the Board of Directors and to GCHC.

At least 51% of GCHC Board members are active patients of GCHC services and represent, in terms of race, ethnicity, and gender, the individuals served.