Urgent Care Clinics

"To Provide Quality Healthcare for Everyone"

1515 Pappas St. Laredo, TX 78041


This is not an emergency clinic. For emergencies, please call 911.

Hours of Operation
Mon-Fri 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Services Available at Urgent Care Clinic
Urgent Care
Women's Clinic
Pediatric Clinic

The Urgent Care Clinic is open to the public at large. Walk-ins are welcomed.

If you need after-hours care for an acute non-emergency condition and non-chronic (e.g. condition lasting longer than 2 weeks), please visit our Urgent Care Clinics located at 1515 Pappas St, and at 2007 South Zapata Hwy

Medicaid Texas Health Steps Exams (EPSDT) are available by appointment.

Attention Gateway Patient, the following will not be seen in the urgent care clinic
Deep Lacerations Limb Deformities/Trauma
Chest Pain (patients above the age of 30) Acute Abdominal Pain with Fever
Ocular Injuries/ Foreign Bodies in Eyes Overdose/Accidental Ingestions
Any child less than 6 months No Workman’s Compensations
Children 6 months to 3 years of age with temperature of 103 or higher Lacerations on Pediatric patients
Motor Vehicle Accidents No Obstetrical Patients
Vaginal Bleeding /Vaginal Discharge/ Gynecological Complaints Respiratory Distress
Dog Bites 3rd Degree Burns
Vomiting Blood, Black Stool (Gastrointestinal Bleed) No Refill on Medications
No Follow up Chronic Medical Conditions (Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Etc.)